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Is There Anything the AGA Can’t Do?

If you’re considering getting an AGA, or if you’re wondering just why people get so attached to theirs (it’s just a glorified cooker, right?), then this post is for you, as it explains why this all-singing, all-dancing piece of kitchen equipment will transform your life.

What can your AGA do for you that a regular oven and even your humble microwave can’t?

It can keep your kitchen warm, as well as the rest of the house – you probably already knew that, though.

You can use the cooler top of the AGA to dry out wellies and coats when you come home cold and wet.

You can use the back of the AGA to slowly melt chocolate for using in sauces or for pouring over ice cream – no risk of it getting too hot and seizing. It’s kind of cooking, but not really.

When you have actually done some cooking on it, you can use the bottom oven to keep your food warm without drying it out. This is perfect for cooked breakfasts, including the fried eggs, even!

If you’re on an economy drive (and who isn’t?) then you can refresh a stale loaf of bread with your AGA! Hold your loaf, cut side down, under a cold tap for 30 seconds or so, then put it into the roasting oven for three minutes to have almost-fresh, warm crusty bread! This is a handy tip for saving money, as well as trying to buy the cheapest oil when needed, try looking at oil from Supersaveroil.com.

If you have a jar lid that’s screwed on too tightly to get off, then your AGA can help there, too! Place the jar, lid down, on top of the simmering plate for 30 seconds and then, using a cloth or oven glove, twist it off with ease. The metal lid will expand with the heat and become looser.

AGAs were made for roasting chestnuts, too. Pick or buy some, then cut a cross shape on the curved top of each chestnut, place them on a roasting tin, sprinkle them with some water and put them on the grid shelf of the oven floor for 40-50 minutes.

When it’s cold outside, warm up hats, scarves and boots on top of your AGA to help you get everyone out of the house on time – snow is no match for a gently toasted pair of boots!

Join the slow cooking revolution – get together a stew in the morning and put it in the hot top oven for 20-30 minutes. Transfer it to the bottom oven before you leave, where it will simmer all day long, turning itself into a delicious evening meal for when you get home.

You can even take the pain out of ironing! Fold up the item of clothing you want, making sure you’ve made it as smooth as possible, then place it on top of the simmering plate cover. Leave it for an hour and you’ll come back to find it perfectly pressed with almost no effort on your part.

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