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How to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive is finally live and this is a very exciting time for homeowners who have installed one of the eligible heating systems in their property. You do need to actually apply to the incentive to start getting payments back for your installed appliances. This blog takes you through the process of applying to the scheme, covering the required documentation your need and the steps you need to take.

You aren’t far away from getting those monthly paybacks!

Start here:

The Renewable Heat Incentive is an initiative set up by the government to reward homeowners who install renewable heat systems in their homes. To apply to the scheme you need to have three pieces of documentation:

  • Your Microgeneration Certification Scheme Certificate (MCS): Your installer should have provided you with this when you had your renewable appliance installed. ‘
  • Your Green Deal Assessment: You have to get a green deal assessment unless you are a self-builder.
  • Your Energy Performance Certificate: Your EPC will be given to you as apart of the green deal assessment.

Once you have these three documents together you are ready to begin the application process.

Ofgem e-serve

Ofgem have been appointed as the company to run the application process for the renewable heat incentive. You need to go to the Ofgem e-serve site to start the application process. Here they will start by asking you questions about yourself, your home and the system you are applying to the scheme with. Eligible appliances for the scheme are:

Once you have gone through the initial review you will be invited to set up an account and begin the application process.

The RHI Application Process

Once you start the full application process you will be asked to enter your MCS number, your Green Deal Assessment number and your EPC number. You will need to have the cost of installing your renewable heating system, including the cost of the equipment and then the installation. They will also ask you how you heated your home before your new installation and the type of fuel you used previously. Finally you will enter your bank details so you can receive the payments. This process should only take 15 to 30 minutes and once you have applied you will get an immediate response saying whether or not you have been accepted, denied or put under review. The application process is very straightforward and applicants do not need the help of a third party company to complete the application.

What are the RHI exceptions?

You may need to provide additional information. Those homeowners who may need to provide more for their application are:

  • Registered landlords
  • The property falls in the category of requiring metering for payment.

Can I apply for RHI now?

The application has been staggered so the scheme can handle each application efficiently. Right now any household with a new installation (installed after April 9 2014) and those households with an installation made before the launch and did not receive the upfront renewable heat payment premium. If you are not in the first wave of applications then you can review the next eligible applicants on the Ofgem website.

RHI Manual Review

There are some circumstances where you may be subject to a manual review. Here are some reasons why this may happen:

  • Your Green Deal Assessment suggests you need additional insulation but you believe you are exempt.
  • You received a non-RHPP grant.
  • Your property is a self-build.
  • You are apart of a volunteer service.
  • You are a legacy applicant and you have had your seasonal performance factor reassessed.
  • Your product is not on the eligibility list of products but is MCS-certified.
  • You have more than one product.

Ofgem maintains that the application process is straightforward and even if you are up for manual review, the process is efficient.

Have you applied for the Renewable Heat Incentive using Ofgem’s online system? Was it as straightforward as you hoped? What problems did you encounter if any? Are you all set and ready to receive payments? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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