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Parsons Switch

Title: Parsons Switch
URL: http://parsonsswitch.com
Category: Energy Saving Products & Appliances , Heating Systems and Hot water Boilers , Products/Appliance Manufacturers , Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic PV Panels
Produce hot water from your Photovoltaic system !
Save on your fuel bills.

Add the Parsons Switch pack to your PV system and this is now possible.
We combine a switch which monitors your PV output with a purpose built dual element immersion heater.

With this system the 1kW element of the new immersion will only come on when the PV panels provide 1.5kW's of power so it heats the water tank only when sufficient light is available. The Parsons Switch does NOT reduce the PV meter reading.
Phone Number: 01684575498
Logo: logo_37-6cbcf39406.jpg
Address: 17, Broadlands Drive
City: Malvern
Country: UK
Postal Code: WR14 1PW
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